AuditReporter For File Server

File Server Auditing Solutions

Every organisation need a central storage to store and share critical data for users. This is known as File Server. Maintaining data availability and managing complaints for auditing File Server happens to be one of the most complicated and challenging tasks, IT administrators face. To help them get complete report of every change done in each file or folder, JiJi Technologies bring forth a comprehensive file server solution.

With our file server audit reporter, get detailed and complete information about all changes in file server. This software can offer you answers to questions such as "Who", "What", "When" and "Where" a change has been made on the file server. Each department in an organisation is given permission for file sharing within that specific department. However, all these shared files and folders are stored in File Server that is controlled by IT admin. Any moved, deleted or renamed file and everyone comes to admin for answers. It becomes tedious and difficult to sort things out and find who made the changes.

JiJi AuditReporter for File Server helps you to monitor and get instant alerts for each change along with before and after values for all changes. It comes with smart filters and innovative report builder that create reports and allows editing of reports to meet your requirements. The reported data can be archived and stored for years and audited at any time. This user-friendly audit reporter takes a few minutes to install and configure. Once completed, you start receiving notifications instantly.

Some critical reports that can be configured using JiJi AuditReporter for File server are:

  • Unauthorized access to file/folder
  • File/Folder security change auditing
  • File/Folder copy report
  • Permissions based on user name
  • Permissions based on File / Folder