JiJi AuditReporter FAQ's

JiJi AuditReporter is a web based active directory auditing solution, which performs live monitoring of active directory, as a result, it generates audit reports on each and every events happened in the Active Directory(AD) / Exchange / GPO / File Server environment, and sends automated email notifications on, each and every AD changes. It also generates ad-hoc (real-time) reports on categories such as AD / Exchange / GPO / SharePoint / File Server, in response to the corresponding “Ldap” request, via JiJi AuditReporter’s UI.

Auditing active directory is necessary to ensure consistency in active directory environment, with many domain controllers, domains, or physical sites. As you increase the size of your network to take advantage of the scalability of Active Directory, monitoring becomes more important. It helps you to avoid potentially serious problems. In simple words, audits are required to keep the business process clean, clear and compliance with state and federal laws.

In “native auditing”, correlating change events across multiple domain controllers is a labor-intensive process. If you want to be alerted on critical changes, it will be a tedious task to accomplish it. Finally, the sheer volumes of logs, gets flooded across the reasonably-sized AD environment, which leads to log rollovers on a fairly frequent basis.
JiJi AuditReporter does not depend on native auditing; instead, it live-monitors the changes from “Active Directory” and archives them in to a separate sql database, which helps in quick generation of reports and instant email alerts.

  • Real-Time Reports
  • Change / Audit Reports
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Schedulers
  • Archiving and Retrieving Audit Data
  • Smart / Instant email Alerts
  • Support for SOX, HIPAA, PCI Compliance audits
  • Support for Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)
  • Support for multiple Domains

  • Centralized enterprise governance and risk management.
  • Helps organizations to perform SOX, HIPAA, ITIL compliance audits.
  • Instant email notifications on changes occured in your environment.
  • Administrators can obtain a complete insight on AD, Exchange, GPO and File Server changes.
  • Quick resolving of enterprise issues, with a little effort.
  • Reduces help desk calls.
  • High Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Helps your organization to reduce costs, improve security.
  • Increases the productivity of both employees and organization.
  • Easy to operate and highly secure, as a result one can confidently assert that it is one of the best and most cost-effective enterprise auditing solution that the IT Industry can invest.
  • Competitive pricing, reliable support, combined with user-friendly interface will prove itself a best investment on enterprise data mining irrespective of the size of the organization.

JiJi AuditReporter provides role based access for AD users to manage and track real-time reports and audit information on Active Directory / GPO / Exchange / File Server changes, independent of Active Directory permissions. In simple words, JiJi AuditReporter allows multiple users, with specific roles to access the product, such as administrators, helpdesk, users can manage/view the audit information, depending upon the role (Admin/Normal User) provided by JiJi AuditReporter. For example, if the organization’s requirement is to provide “Normal User” role to Helpdesk and “Admin” role to a particular user, then the Helpdesk will be provided with limited access to just generate and view the reports. On the other hand, the user delegated with “Admin” role can manage the complete functionalities of JiJi AuditReporter.

JiJi AuditReporter acts as a valuable source of information, in which the “change reports” on Active Directory / Exchange / GPO / File Server starts firing answers for each and every change with answers for questions such as
"WHO made the change?"
"WHAT change was made?"
"WHEN the change was made?"
"WHERE the change was made?" etc.

There are 500+ out of box reports in JiJi AuditReporter. These reports support organizations to conduct SOX, HIPAA, ITIL compliances audits. With few clicks, JiJi AuditReporter can be configured to generate audit reports to review the status of your company’s Active Directory / Exchange / GPO / File Server environment. Also you can edit any report filters and create as a new report. JiJi AuditReporter is a reporting tool that can furnish reports to satisfy regularity authorities.

Most of the reporting applications could not capture all AD changes as it follows Snap shotting method of reporting. But, JiJi AuditReporter monitors and captures each and every minute AD / Exchange / GPO / File Server changes. Then the captured changes are displayed in the corresponding report categories, and AD changes are sent as instant email notifications, as per administrator configuration. As a result, it helps administrator to take action before the situation goes too far. Also JiJi AuditReporter provides a “All in One” web portal for generating, viewing and customizing the Active Directory, GPO, Exchange, SharePoint and File Server reports.

JiJi AuditReporter helps organizations to generate compliance reports in real time as well as Archive and preserve old reports for years. The archived data can be restored at any point of time and generate the required reports from this data. This makes the compliance audit an easy job for administrator.