GingerEx Exchange Server Auditor


Exchange server acts as collaborative communication server for any business. Today any business cannot run with Exchange server as it offers Enterprise level management and flexibility for Admin to manage thousands of mailboxes with many policies implemented to manage. As this offers more flexibility to Admins and users this have to be audited and monitor with 100% accuracy to prevent from unauthorized usage, policy violations and compliance management.

GingerEx Exchange Server Auditor for Exchange provides a complete solution for managing, reporting and auditing of Exchange Mailboxes, Distribution lists, Client Access and Routing etc. As GingerEx Exchange Server Auditor does not depend on agents, it is termed as self-sustained enterprise auditing software. This will help admin to check if there any policy violations and reports about What changed? When Changed? Who Changed? Along with the Before and After values for each change. With GingerEx Exchange Server Auditor Admin can able to find Mailbox access information with what mailboxes accessed along with the items such as attachments.

  • Compliance management: With GingerEx Exchange Server Auditor build-in reports reporting to PCI, HIPAA and SOX audits easily. The auditing data can be archived and restored at any time for future internal or external audits.
  • Critical Data Monitoring: GingerEx Exchange Server Auditor monitors and audits Administrative groups, Distribution lists, Active Sync mailboxes, Mailbox policy changes, Receive connector changes, Routing Group changes, etc.
  • Real time alerts: As GingerEx Exchange Server Auditor monitors your exchange server in real time each and every change will be automatically and immediately notified to admin. This will help Admins to manage and handle Compliance and security.
  • Easy deployment: GingerEx Exchange Server Auditor can be installed in minutes and it starts reporting in seconds after success configuration. Thus admin can take advantage of time and cost saving.

Exchange Change Reporting (Change Reports)

The list of report categories included under Exchange Change Reporting are

  • Anti-Malware Changes
  • Anti-Spam Changes
  • Client Access Changes
  • Email address and address book Changes
  • High availability Changes
  • Mailbox Changes
  • Mailbox database Changes
  • Mail flow Changes
  • Move and migration Changes
  • Organization Changes
  • Permission Changes
  • Federation and hybrid Changes
  • Policy and compliance Changes
  • Security Changes
  • Server Health and Performance Changes
  • Sharing and collaboration Changes
  • Unified Messaging Changes
  • Users Changes