Custom reports

JiJi Active Directory Reports allows you to create custom reports using Smart Filters which helps you to create reports based on your requirements. This eliminates the need for special scripting knowledge.

Alternately, you can edit any building reports and add / remove some filters and save it is as a new report. This helps you to complete new reports creation in few clicks and in short span of time.

Role Based Access Control

JiJi Active Directory Reports provides role based access for AD users to manage and track real-time reports and audit information on Active Directory independent of Active Directory permissions. In simple words, JiJi Active Directory Reports allows multiple users, with specific roles to access the product, such as administrators, helpdesk, users can manage/view the audit information, depending upon the role (Admin/Normal User) provided in the product. For example, you can create a separate role as Helpdesk and allow your Helpdesk technicians to view / generate the reports alone. On the other hand, the user delegated with “Admin” role can manage the complete functionalities of the product.


Administrators can automate generating and sending the specific reports to specific email-ids, during scheduled time. The report generation can be scheduled from a simple UI. Moreover you can decide the user to be notified and configure his/her email address for periodic sending of specific reports via email. Multiple schedules can be created for different actions, different objects, and different time intervals. These schedules can be created on daily basis, weekly, monthly and even once.

Archiving and Retrieving Audit Data

Automation of archiving these data is available at regular time intervals, also manual triggering is also supported. Once the data is archived, it is independent of database. Therefore it helps in reducing database size and improves system performance. Archived data can be retrieved easily using the product’s UI. The retrieved audit data support enterprises to conduct regulatory audits like SOX, HIPAA, ITIL, and PCI etc. These data provides the supporting hand for administrator to analyze each and every event happened during a specified day, week or month and stay vigilant. Also support for cleaning the entire or custom archives is available via product’s UI.

Support for multiple Domains

JiJi Active Directory Reports supports adding of multiple Active Directory scopes to generate and customize both real-time as well as change reports. This supports administrators to audit Active Directory changes, not only in his/her current domain, but also remote Active Directory domains.