Offline users often require resetting and recovering cached domain password. This is true specifically when they are out of office on duty/vacation and are in need to log into their machines. Using domain credentials, users can access domain privileged resources. To achieve this, Windows support password cache mechanism allows users to login by means of their cached domain password. However, the problem that emerges here is if the users forget or lose their password while working remotely without domain network connection, they cannot sync or reset a cached domain password manually on their machines.

Such an issue can be easily handled with JiJi Self Service Password Reset. Using this, AD domain users can reset cached domain password on their systems without requiring domain network connectivity through internet access. This password reset suite allows users’ reset cached password in local pc to be synced with their Active Directory domain on having internet access. This enables users to use their new password when they connect their pc to the domain network again.

The below given logon screen shows how you can reset cached domain password and sync that with Active Directory domain, using Self Service Password Reset.

Reset Cached AD Domain Password
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