JiJi Technologies Password Reset is a web based password reset management system that allows users / groups / team to safely manage their password. It helps the administrator to delegate password management to the help desk. JiJi Password Reset Service can help your organization to reduce costs, improve security, and increase productivity.

Delegate Password Reset

Administrator can give Password Reset Permission to a group / team, so that they can manage their own password related problem themselves.

Reset Password / Unlock Account

The Help Desk admin can securely reset password or unlock account for the managed users.

Advantages over Self Service Password Reset

  • Do not need the tedious user Enrollment process.
  • Overcomes the vulnerability in self service reset which relies solely on answers to personal questions.
  • Avoids vulnerable user authentication mechanism like asking set of personal questions rather uses the default windows authentication for doing Password Reset / Unlock account.

Reset Password / Unlock Account with Managers help

You can delegate Reset Password / Unlock Account privilege to the managers. Supports Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2. Also both 64 bit & 32 bit platforms supported.