User Password Expiration Notifier

You can use the fields from the above report to plan the number of days to be selected for user notification using a simple calculation as given below,

Required fields from the report are,

  1. Password Last Set (PLS)
  2. Max Password Age (MPA)

The formula for,

No of days for sending user notification = MPA - (Current Date - PLS)

For example,

If the value for Password Last Set        = Oct/1/2013,
Max Password Age = 20, Current Date = Oct/10/2013
Days for sending user notification         = 20 - (Oct/10/2013- Oct/1/2013)
                                                         = 20 - 9
                                                         = 11

So in this case, you can set days for user notification as either equal to or greater than 11 for confirmed user notification and avoid empty summary report generation.

User Password Expiration Notifier