User Notification

Admins can configure the number of days for sending email remainders to the selected scope of users, before their password or account gets expired.

JiJi Password Expiration Notification provides an interface for admins to plan and customize the days of sending email notifications to individual users.

Admins can also use the integrated inbuilt password or account expiration report to configure the days for user notification.

Password Expiration Notifier

For each policy you can specify your own email field for user notification.

For example, if you plan to send the notifications of password expired users to their personal email address, then you can select the "Secondary E-mail ID" field and provide the corresponding AD attribute as shown in the screenshot given below,

Password Expiration Notifier

Manager Notification

Since managers are responsible for their staffs, it is necessary for the manager to advise his/her staffs to change their password, if the staffs failed to notice their password expiration email notification.

JiJi Password Expiration Notification can automate the process of sending three types of notifications to managers on the password or account expiration of their staffs.

Manager Password Expiration Notifier


You can enable email alerts to managers, after certain days when each of his/her staff missed to change their password. In this case the manager will receive individual email alert on each one of his staff's expiry.

Consolidated reports

This feature is similar to alerts but more professional method.

In this case manager receives a single consolidated report on his/her staff's password/account expiration.

Manager Password Expiration Notifier

Forecast reports

Using this option you can pre-alert the managers on their users' password expiration either in day or monthly basis.

For example you can create a schedule task to notify the managers on January 15th, regarding their users' password expiration in February.

Manager Password Expiration Notifier

Expiration summary reports to administrators

You can send the summary report of password or account expiration details of selected users to the list of email address of administrators.

The supported file formats for report are HTML, PDF, EXCEL and CSV.

Admin Password Expiration Notifier

Overall Summary

The overall summary of all notification provides a complete status about the notifications triggered from a particular password or account expiration policy.

The notifications include user notification or manager notification or both depending up on the policy configuration.

You can also generate a summary report for testing purpose, without sending email notifications to endusers as given below,

Overall Summary Report