December 07, 2011 JiJi SelfUpdate v1.0 Release

Maintaining the employee's detail up to date in the Active Directory is a cumbersome task for admin or help desk. With JiJi SelfUpdate, Administrators can allow users to update their own information in Active Directory without the interference of help desk or admin. This in turn keeps the Active Directory information up to date and reliable. Administrator can design the employee's Active Directory Self Update web page using simple drag-n-drop.
Features of SelfUpdate:

  • Administrator can design the employee's Active Directory Self Update web page using simple drag-n-drop.
  • Most essential fields of personal and official information can be set mandatory so that end users can not neglect those fields.
  • Can set permission levels such as read-only or edit permission on various fields for the self update end user web page.
  • Can add constraints and validity check on fields such as phone number,web page and E-mail for the Self Update end user web page.
  • Administrator can provide help text in order to avoid confusion for user while updating the information.
  • Administrator can also add custom schema attributes such as employee ID, bar code number etc...
Thus, JiJi Self Update reduces the work load of administrator and makes Active Directory accurate.

October 18, 2011 Offer for 4sysops readers - JiJi Password Expiration Notification

JiJi Technologies raffles two licenses worth $289.95 each to 4sysops readers for the product JiJi Password Expiration Notification. 4sysops conducts this raffle and the last date is 17th Nov 2011.
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September 5, 2011JiJi Technologies introduces SharePoint Reports under JiJi AuditReporter

JiJi AuditReporter is extended with a new ability to generate various reports about your SharePoint server. We are now proud for satisfying the requests of our customers with this release.
AuditReporter could generate 109 SharePoint reports for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 servers.
The reports are categorized as below

  • Farm reports
  • Library reports
  • User reports
  • Permission reports
  • Web Application reports
  • List reports
  • Group reports
  • Statistical reports
  • Site reports
  • Document reports
  • Work flow reports

JiJi AuditReporter Suite is now armed with AD Reports , AD Change Reports and SharePoint reports.
More to come on future days.

July 21, 2011 JiJi AuditReporter 1.0 Release

JiJi Reports, released today is a web based active directory auditing tool. With this release, JiJi is the only solution provider to release a suite with AD reporting and AD Change Reporting capability. This product could produce 120+ AD reports such as user logon report, inactive users report, locked out users report etc., It notifies administrators about any changes happened in AD, as it always monitors AD in background to notify instantly.

The main features highlighting JiJi Reports are

  • Web based AD reports
  • AD change Reports
  • Live AD monitoring
  • Instant Change notifications
JiJi Reports is an excellent AD reporting tool which always could satisfy regularity authorities and court.

July 11, 2011 JiJi Account Lockout Tool 1.0 Release

JiJi Account Lockout Tool(JALT) lets administrators know the reasons of user logon failures / account lockouts in windows identity management systems.
This helps to monitor and identify the potential threats on the Active Directory authentication system quickly. JALT also improves user productivity by issuing instant notifications to administrators for immediate action.

The solutions / features offered in JALT is as follows

  • Reasoning every user logon failures
  • Reasoning every account lockout
  • Instant e-mail notifications on user logon failure/ account lockout
  • Reporting sources causing account lockouts
  • Unlocking the locked out account.

JALT not only improves the security standard but also increases user productivity.

March 2, 2011 JiJi Active Directory Reports Release

The following features have been added in this release:

  • Schedule Reports
  • Trust Reports
  • Container Reports
  • Service Connection Points Reports
  • Printer Reports
  • Account Status Reports
  • Terminal Services Reports
  • Contact Reports

The following additional reports are added in NTFS reports:
  • File Folder Permissions(Detailed View)
  • File Folder Permissions(Summary View)

The Exclude OU feature is added to avoid unused OU in reporting.
The option to run JiJi Active Directory Reports without installing it has been added.