Active Directory Cleaner

JiJi Active Directory Cleaner is a simple house keeping tool used for maintaining your active directory (AD) clean and secure.

Is house keeping essential for Active directory?

Its a major security threat to keep unwanted account on AD. Also the expired data is an un-wanted additional load on the server. Inactive users / computers, disabled users turn to be a crap everyday. As Days passes, the craps grow rapidly. It affects the performance severely. It is very vital to have definite and perfect data in AD. House keeping regulates AD perfect for the SOX compliance audits. JiJi Active Directory cleaner is a very reliable and cheaper solution.

Can cleaning process automated as per users requirement?

With Active Directory Cleaner, It is possible to automate cleaning process. It provides Scheduler facility. You can define your clean up policy and can schedule it for periodic intervals. Hence it make the job easy.

Will Active Directory Cleaner cleans up unwanted user profiles and folders along with AD cleaning?

Yes, options are provided to cleanup the histories of the user. It is recommended to clean unwanted profiles and folders to reduce load in the terminal servers.

The Active Directory Cleaner feature set includes:

  1. Old users / computers cleanup.
  2. Old user's folder and profile cleanups.
  3. Cleanup automation through schedules.
  4. Generating reports from the desired scope of Active Directory. Users can sort the columns of their interest.
  5. Reports can be exported to PDF, CSV and Excel formats.
  6. Helps to do actions like delete, move, disable, enable and reset objects in bulk.
  7. Restore deleted users and computers object in bulk.