Migrate Microsoft Teams from one tenant to another

 Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Apps4.Pro
Jan 10 2020

Apps4.pro Teams migrator helps to migrate your Microsoft Teams data from one Office 365 tenant to another. Microsoft Teams is heavily integrated with useful services; this makes the migration of the Microsoft Teams to another tenant tedious. With Apps4Pro Teams Migrator, we are making the tedious migration process simple.

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Apps4Pro Teams Migrator is a web-based extension application that can be installed and used on any operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) with Edge and Chrome browser. It can migrate the following details in Microsoft Teams.


  • Teams and their associated Office 365 group and group specific settings
  • Teams Users (Members and Owners)
  • Team specific settings (ex: Member Settings, Message Settings, Guest Settings, etc...)


  • Channels and channel specific settings
  • Channel Conversations (will be posted as Induvial Conversations or Html file)
  • Files tab (folders, sub-folders and files)

Tabs (Apps):

  • Conversations tab
  • Files tab
  • OneNote
  • Planner (Buckets, Tasks, Labels, Attachments and Comments)
  • Wiki tab


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