Migrate from Trello to Microsoft Planner? (Trello JSON Import) - Here is how.

 Office 365, Office 365 Planner, Apps4.Pro
Jun 6 2018

Apps4.Pro Planner Migrator (Chrome Extension) helps users who want to move from Trello to Microsoft Planner easily. All you need to do is to export JSON file for the board from Trello and import to Planner. Within minutes all Boards and cards in Trello are imported to Planner as Plans and Tasks. That’s how Apps4.Pro made your life simple.

You can migrate following Board details from Trello to Microsoft Planner plans

  • Lists
  • Cards
  • Archived Cards
  • Board Members
  • You can migrate following Card details from Trello to Microsoft Planner tasks

  • Card Name
  • Due Date
  • Assigned Members
  • Comments
  • Files (Attachments)
  • Show on card (Cover Images)
  • Checklists
  • Labels
  • Description
  • For more details visit https://apps4.pro/migrate-from-trello-to-microsoft-planner.aspx