Apps4.Pro Planner Outlook Desktop Add-In v1200 release

 Office 365, Office 365 Planner
May 10 2018

Hi All,

We are happy to announce the next major update for Apps4.Pro Outlook Desktop add-in today. Below are the new features and improvements included with this release.

New Features and Improvements

  • My Tasks view
  • Settings to control Sync Outlook tasks and Sync Calendar appointments separately
  • Set default appointment start/end time
  • Ignore completed tasks during sync process
  • You can update Outlook task reminder time and Calendar appointment time for individual task
  • Remove all Planner tasks that are synced with Outlook tasks and Calendar appointments
  • Set the user currently logged in to add-in as default assignee for tasks created from Outlook

My Tasks view

Now you can view all Planner tasks that are assigned to you across multiple plans from Outlook. Select View Tasks from Apps4.Pro Outlook Desktop menu in Outlook and click on My Tasks. You can Group by, Filter, or Sort tasks in My Tasks view.

Enhanced Settings menu

Settings menu in this add-in is enhanced with many new features. You can now configure the add-in to sync Planner tasks to Outlook tasks or Calendar appointment. Earlier the add-in will sync Planner tasks to Outlook tasks by default. Additionally the add-in is powered to clear the Planner tasks that are synced with Outlook tasks and calendar.

Please download the latest version of the app from

Note: Both new users and existing users can use the same setup from the above link.

Please refer Installation / Upgrade steps from this document