Apps4.Pro Planner beta preview

 Office 365, Office 365 Planner
Jun 23 2016

We are happy today to announce the beta preview of Apps4.Pro Planner. Apps4.Pro Planner is a simple yet powerful Outlook add-in that works on top of your outlook and makes your life easier with its integration of Planner into the Outlook.

Please be noted that this is the beta version of the add-in and we are working hard to deliver the v1.0 in coming weeks. Your feedback on this beta will help us a lot in improving this and get this delivered faster. Thanks for all the beta subscribers in joining with us on this journey.

First things first. Let's make you clear about the actions that can be performed using this add in. This add-in works with the help of Planner Graph API which is in beta now. So you may experience some issues while working, but we have listed below the limitations as well.

  • Convert email to Planner task
  • Sync Planner tasks assigned to you with your Outlook tasks / To-Do
  • Create and assign new tasks
  • Lists all Plans and Manage tasks that are assigned to you

Limitations in beta preview:
Following options are not available in tasks view.

  • Attachments
  • Set as Preview

New Planner task
Convert email as Planner task

View Planner tasks from Outlook

Edit Planner Tasks from Outlook

Set Start date, End date and Categories from Outlook To-Do list

Convert Email to Planner Task

Create new Planner task from Outlook

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